2022 IEEE CTU Challenge Award Winners

Best Overall

Best Overall Proof of Concept

Scaling the Seattle Community Network with dAuth and the “Teaching Network”

New cellular access models that are capable of scaling beyond individual community partners

Kurtis Heimerl, Esther Jang, Spencer Sevilla & Matt Johnson (USA)

Award: USD 10,000
Sponsored by: VMware

Best Overall Concept

Nampya Farmers Market

Mobile-based business-to-business food supply platform.
Mark Matovu & Dianah Kaseeta (Uganda)
Award: USD 8,000
Sponsored by: Connecting the World from the Skies


Technical Proof of Concept 1st Place

Solar Powered Distributed Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure deployed in Africa that is scalable, green, and affordable.

Henri Nyakarundi (USA – deployed in Africa)

Award: USD 7,000

Technical Concept 1st Place

Community Radio Bolo

An IVR Enabled Online-Offline Wireless Mesh Network enabling local D2C communication for SHGs in rural Orissa.

Ritu Srivastava, Omar Pervez & SK Mohd Niyaz (India)

Award: USD 5,000

Community Enablement
Proof of Concept 1st Place

Semilleros de Redes Comunitarias para Aplicantes al Programa Roberto Arias

Community Network Seedbeds deployed by the people who will inhabit each project.

Jésica Giudice, Saira Asua, Marcela Juarez & Nicolás Echaniz (Argentina)

Award: USD 7,000

Community Enablement Concept 1st Place

Affordable Internet Access Devices Through E-Waste Recycling

Turning e-waste from desktop computers, laptops, and related devices into repackaged and branded devices for communities that require affordable computers for Internet access.

Edwin Mugume, Dorothy Okello & Ronald (Uganda)

Award: USD 5,000

Business Model
Proof of Concept 1st Place

PAYGO FTTH In LatAm’s Barrios

Cost-effective, barrier-free service plans for high-speed fiber connections.

Emiliano Mroue, Gustavo Lorenzo, Marcos Rodriguez & Nahuel Vara (Colombia)

Award: USD 7,000

Business Model Concept 1st Place

Fast Networks Malawi

Collaborating with community members and the private sector to bring broadband internet, ICT equipment, and capacity training for residents of rural villages.

Barros Mweso, Waliko Nkhoma & Richard Chisala (Malawi)

Award: USD 5,000

Second Place and Honorable Mention

Technical Proof of Concept 2nd Place


Open-source, rugged internet delivery device for reliable and scalable Wi-Fi to connect thousands of simultaneous users.

Richard Thanki, Nils O’Hara, Samson Rinaldi, Anna Hickman, Heather Morris, Chris Punt, John Cleasby & Veer Ramjoorawon (United Kingdom)

Award: USD 3,000

Community Enablement Concept 2nd Place

Digital Skills for Populations in the Remotest Areas

A mobile ICT skills training center and internet café housed in a shipping container that’s powered by solar energy.

Tebogo Mosalakatane & Tebogo Mokoena (Botswana)

Award: USD 2,000

Community Enablement
Proof of Concept 2nd Place


Hubs that enable free access to solar powered mobile device charging units that offer regionally relevant offline streaming and digital services.

Sophia Grifferty & Daniel Becerra (United Kingdom)

Award: USD 3,000

Business Model Concept 2nd Place

Swarm Network for Education and Learning in Papua New Guinea (SNEL PNG)

VSAT installations managed collectively as a consortium to allow profitable hotspots in more populated areas offset the cost for low earning areas.


Nawi Mabo & Ben Mansell (Papua New Guinea)

Award: USD 2,000

Business Model
Proof of Concept 2nd Place

Sarantaporo.gr Non Profit Organization

Community mesh networks with a consortia of local residents as node owners.

Vassilis Chryssos, Giorgos Klisiaris & Achilleas Vaitsis (Greece)

Award: USD 3,000

Business Model Proof of Concept Honorable Mention

“Eduroam on the Go” to Extend Service to the Unconnected R&E Community of Uganda

Hellen Nakawungu, Brian Masiga, Fahadi Muhumuza, Caroline Tuhwezeine, Brenda Namuli, Derrrick Ssemanda, Catherine Atuhairwe, Arthur Tumwesigye, Ben Kyemba & Daniel Kawuma (Uganda)

Technical Proof of Concept Honorable Mention

Antenna MiMo 5Ghz

David Aguirre, Sol Giacobbe, Carolina Perez & Pablo Bustos (Argentina)

Community Enablement Proof of Concept Honorable Mention

Inclusive Ethical and Equitable Community-developed Digital Town Square

Clara Listya Dewi, Alissa Stern, Putu Eka Guna Yasa & Budi Utami (Indonesia)