Mark Rotter

Creating affordable access solutions for the unconnected.

Mark develops innovative and affordable access solutions for organizations globally with a deep knowledge in Africa working with a variety of organizations including Vernonburg Group, Adaptrum, Microsoft, IDC and others. In Africa, Mark works with local operators, regulators and investors as well as innovation initiatives across Africa to help accelerate Africa’s economic development and to improve effectiveness in achieving the goal of connecting the unconnected. We believe that African innovation should and does shape Africa’s future. Mark has been responsible for commercial business functions such as business planning, operations and applying market insights in the IT and Telecommunications industries. Mark also has experience in business performance management, managing large operating budgets, business consulting, management consulting, IT and technology management and strategy. In the ICT sector Mark has run projects in Telecommunications, Open Source, Software innovation, cloud and investment financing. In addition Mark has co-founded several startup organizations including a SME focused IT provider, a computer game marketing company and an IT solutions provider to local government.