Lusambya Milemo

Fled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to ethnic persecutions and allocated to Dzaleka Camp, Malawi. Has a Bachelor degree in project management and a diploma in communication and technology, with skills in community mobilization, communication information and technology, project design, development, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting with high standards of risk mitigation and management. Award winners of the Global Youth Action Fund, the STEM International Fund, and the Refugee and Technology Innovation Fund.

With less than 4 percent of refugees and asylum-seekers connected to the internet in Dzaleka Camp, Malawi, the commitment is to bridge this gap to live in a society where all the unconnected refugees are connected. Milemo has furtherly been working with the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) as a community innovator through its programme, bridging internet inequality gaps against refugees in Dzaleka Camp, Malawi. He is also acting as a young refugee advisor for the World University Service of Canada in its advisory committee to advance the participation of refugees in the development process and decision-making.