Lope Trujillo-Perdomo

Lope Trujillo-Perdomo is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer of the Internet in Colombia, leading this country’s digital transformation in the late 90s. Throughout his 25+ years of experience in telecommunications, his work has tremendously impacted the region’s vulnerable communities. He created the first Colombian ISP in 1997 and built INFOAULAS—the first educational computer program in the country. He also made possible the first connected community featuring uniquely tailored content, thus creating a place to exchange information and commerce. Lope Trujillo-Perdomo is passionate about bringing internet access to isolated rural communities and has been an evangelist of the RRBS technology in Latin America; thanks to his entrepreneurial background, he is passionate about early-stage social impact projects that have the potential to be disruptive and positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable.