Karim Rifai Burneo

Karim Rifai Burneo, founder of the Uayki Foundation and Uayki Technologies Inc., is an economist and for-purpose tech entrepreneur at the forefront of digital education and connectivity. Acknowledged by the Congress of Peru and a speaker at international forums promoted by the World Bank and the United Nations, Karim has led Uayki to develop an internationally patented technology that allows access to several useful platforms and millions of digital resources without requiring Internet access. Specialized in emerging economies at Harvard and holding a master’s in telecommunications engineering from the oldest university in America, Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, he has significantly impacted disadvantaged communities across Latin America by connecting thousands of users with the best development opportunities of the digital age. Through successful projects in alliance with the UN and USAID, and partnerships with major multinational corporations, he achieved a 300% revenue growth in 2022. His leadership in Uayki has been crucial in connecting remote low-income communities to the digital age, enhancing their quality of life and access to education and information.