Huguette Diakabana

Founder of Luminous Sana | Co-founder of the African Alliance of Digital Health Networks| Senior Fellow Aspen Institute New Voices| Former Co-Chair WHO Digital Health Technical Advisory Group

Huguette is a global health and digital transformation practitioner focused on connecting people to quality healthcare and life-saving technologies. She has deployed technology-based solutions in education, community development, and global health in over 20 countries throughout Africa and Latin America. She is the outgoing Co-Chair of the WHO Digital Health Technical Advisory Group. 

She currently works with organizations and governments to leverage data to enhance the quality of health services. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute’s New Voices program and a faculty member at the Harvard Medical School’s Executive Program teaching team.  

Last, Huguette mentors students and young professionals interested in collaboration and leveraging appropriate, sustainable, and cost-effective technologies to make a difference in their communities.