Henri Nyakarundi

  • Background: Nyakarundi was born in Rwanda and spent much of his early life in Burundi and Kenya. He later moved to the United States for higher education.
  • Education: He studied Computer Science and Business Management, which laid the foundation for his future entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Nyakarundi is best known as the founder that invented a mobile solar kiosk, This kiosk is designed to provide digital services like mobile phone charging, airtime sales, and internet access in rural and urban areas of Africa. Today, Henri runs a distributed digital infrastructure as a service company called ARED group Inc to help bridge the digital infrastructure gap in Africa. 
  • Advocacy: Nyakarundi is an advocate for sustainable development and technology in Africa. He often speaks about the importance of innovative solutions to address challenges in emerging markets, particularly in African countries.
  • Vision: His vision includes empowering local communities through technology and sustainable energy solutions, focusing on both economic and environmental sustainability.