Harri Saarnisaari

Harri Saarnisaari, Ph.D.

Harri Saarnisaari received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Oulu in 2000, where he has been with the Centre for Wireless Communications since 1994. He is currently an adjunct professor. His research interests cover signal processing techniques like synchronization, network time synchronization, antenna arrays, and signal detection. He is also involved in system design aspects.
Currently, his research interests include remote area connectivity, especially in the Arctic areas but also globally. He has led projects in this area focusing on connectivity problems and solution architecture, and finding societal viewpoints to the problems and benefits once connectivity problems have been solved. In 2020 he led the 6G white paper writing group about “remote area connectivity” that was published in 6G channel.com. Harri is the chair of IEEE Finland section joint communication and information theory chapter.