Hani Shannak

Mr. Shannak served as the Senior Information and Communication Technology Advisor of Partnerships and Humanitarian Response at UNICEF for over thirty years. He held title as the chief ICT at UNICEF in the cross-cultural, multilingual, and international environments of UN interagency ICT bodies, INGOs and among both public and private sector partnerships, in which he enabled optimal ICT humanitarian response. His current position as a Senior ICT Consultant is crucial for continued implementation of expanding connectedness worldwide through ICT strategy by ensuring standards, capacity building, and global response capacities while boosting the overall regional cohesion and alignment.

Throughout his extensive work contributing to UNICEF’s global ICT strategy, Mr. Shannak has obtained significant education and training including a Diploma in Senior Leadership Development from University of Cambridge, an MA in Leading Innovation & Change from York St. John University and a bachelor’s degree in CIS. Hani’s pursuit for higher learning has exposed him to institutions of education among the UK, Switzerland, South Africa, Jordan, Thailand, Kenya and the US.