Dr. Ishkandar Baharin

Key Highlights

•President and Founding Member of the Malaysia Robotics and Automation Society (MyRAS)

•Founding Member and Vice President of Global Robotics Cluster (GRC)

•Founding Member and Vice President of International Alliance of Robotics Associations (IARA)

•IEEE Entreprenuership R10 Lead for South East Asia

•Advisor to the Malaysian Government on the National Robotics Roadmap (NRR2030) through the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI)

•Executive Chairman to the Techcapital Group of Companies focusing on building Robotics and IR4.0 industrial solutions to the Malaysian industries

Dr Ishkandar Baharin industrial, corporate and technical profile can be summarized as follows:

Industrial and Corporate Profile

•International Business Start-Ups from Business Planning, Standard Operating Procedures and Operational Management for Cross-Border Operations.

•Product Branding and Go-To-Market Strategies and Plans for Emerging Markets.

•Venture Capital and Financial Engineering for Technology Based Companies

•Preparing Companies for Public Offers and DirectInvestments.

•Corporate Restructuring of Technology based Companies for sustainability and growth

Technical Profile

•Intelligent Manufacturing and CIM for ManufacturingIndustries and Agriculture

•Industrial Robotics and Automation for Manufacturing

•Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence (Man-Machine Controls)

•Microprocessor Engineering and Real Time Systems

•Mechatronics and Distributed Systems Engineering Electronics and Computer Engineering