Anwar Faridz

Anwar Faizd

He is currently the Head of 5G Product Development for Telekom Malaysia. His work interests include 5G mobile product and services development. He was a part of the National 5G Taskforce Member and the Chairperson of the 5G Ecosystem and Timeline Sub-Working Group, under the Spectrum Working Group of the Task Force. He was also one of the authors of the taskforce 5G C-band report and 5G mmWave report.

Involvement in IFN WG activities

  • 3 years involvement in Technical Code development under IFN WG and its SWGs.
  • Formerly chairman of the IMT-2020 TC. Helped to lead the development of the first version of the IMT-2020 TC until its publication.
  • Draft contributor to the EMF TC and the Crowdsourcing TC.
  • Supported multiple MTSFB event, particularly related to IFN WG as speaker, moderator and panellist.