Month: December 2022

What Is Digital Equity?

What advantages does a child whose family owns a personal computer have over a child who doesn’t have computer access? What benefits does a fast internet connection have on a person’s education, work opportunities, income, and societal standing? Digital equity is a crucial concept because it focuses on enabling every person to participate in and […]

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Digital Literacy for Senior Citizens: Building ICT Competencies

Internet communications technology (ICT) has become integral to daily life. However, millions of senior citizens struggle to navigate the internet. As technology advances, older people are falling further and further behind when it comes to ICT competencies. Accessibility barriers, harmful misinformation, and increasingly sophisticated scams are only some of the issues that the elderly face […]

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What Is the Digital Divide?

There’s a major gap between people who can access and use digital technology and those who can’t. This is called the digital divide, and it’s getting worse as 3.7 billion people across the globe remain unconnected. But what causes the digital divide, and how can we stop it? Technology is developing faster than ever, and […]

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